History & Milestones



Acquired vast land plots in the USA for development


Began property developments in Italy and successfully started operating in the Italian stock market


Led takeover of Bi-invest, the largest financial company in Italy


Led takeover of Banca Popolare di Lecco, 35th largest bank of Italy


Established Domine Vacanze to begin the largest hotel co-ownership scheme in Italy


Led takeover of Credito Bergamasco, 3rd largest private bank in Italy


Developed Domina Coral Bay, the first resort development in Sharm El Sheikh


Established ProKapital in Tallinn, making it one of the real estate market leaders in Estonia


Led takeover of Uhisbank, 2nd largest bank in the Baltics. Expanded to Russia via ProKapital.


Expanded to Latvia via Pro Kapital


Expanded to Lithuania via Pro Kapital. Developed the first mega shopping mall in the Baltics, the Kristine in Tallinn, Estonia.


Developed the largest shopping mall in the Baltics, the Domina Shopping Center in Riga, Latvia


Acquired 8 large plots in premium locations in Russia and subsequently developed projects in these areas


Opened Domina Prestige in St. Petersburg, Russia, a 5 star luxury award winning hotel


Established Preatoni Real Estate Development in Dubai, UAE, and took over Dubai Star in Jumeirah Lake


Work in progress.

Milestone Projects

  • Residential developments in Northern Italy (1979-1985)
  • Domina Coral Bay (1991): the largest resort development in Egypt
  • Pro Kapital Business Centre in Tallinn (1997)
  • Residential developments in Siberia’s major cities (Novosibirsk, Tyumein, Tomsk, Ekaterinburg) 2006 – to date
  • Domina Shopping Centre is opened in Riga (2003)
  • Pro Kapital opens Kristiine Shopping Centre in Tallinn (1999)

Legendary success at Sharm El Sheikh

When there was only sun and sea at Sinai, we were already there. This is why we are called the inventors of Sharm El Sheikh.
Stumbling upon a ‘bay of dreams’ in 1991, our founder, Ernesto Preatoni, envisioned hordes of European tourists descending down Sharm El Sheikh where coral reefs, blue waters, and year-round sunny weather make for a perfect holiday.
By 1994, we delivered the first phase of Domina Coral Bay, a resort project that sparked the resort development boom in Sharm El Sheikh. Domina Coral Bay is the largest resort development project in all of Egypt.
As of today, Preatoni has sold a total of 16,000 units in Sharm El Sheikh.