About Us

Our Company

We are a part of Preatoni’s group of companies, a Europe-based investment and development group specializing in financial services, hospitality and real estate developments.

Since our first real estate venture in 1974, we have compiled achievement records and success stories over vast geographical locations covering Europe, Middle East, Baltic States and the Russian Federation. One of the largest groups of companies in Europe, we have amassed a property development portfolio worth over $2.5 billion and employs over 3,000 people.

We have the distinct honor of being called the inventor of Sharm El Sheikh. In the Baltic, we are known as the property giant behind mega developments including some of the biggest malls and commercial centers. In Europe, we operate the largest time-sharing hotel schemes via Domina Holdings. In 2013, we began our Dubai operations with the establishment of Preatoni Real Estate Development.

Our headquarters is located in Milano, Italy.

The Preatoni Story

Ernesto Preatoni began as a financial consultant in the late 1960’s to early 70s. He showed financial astuteness in the 1985 Bi-Invest takeover, a first in the Milan Stock Market. He followed that with a well orchestrated takeover of Banca Popolare di Lecco and Credito Bergamasco in 1987.

In the 1990s, he began his pioneering work at Sharm El Sheikh via the Domina Coral Bay project, the hotel complex that sparked the Red Sea tourism boom. In the mid 1990s, he founded ProKapital Group and opened the way for massive project developments in the emerging Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as in Russia. Today, he still holds the majority share at ProKapital Group. In Estonia, he also owned 2 banks, Uus Bank and Preatoni Bank.

Since 2012 he turned his attention to Dubai and the Far East, which will be his focus in the upcoming years.

Ernesto fondly calls himself a ‘free man’, operating far from the political expediency that often determines success. He is known to compete in the market with original ideas rather than through powerful alliances.

Many refer to Ernesto as “The Pioneer”, which also happens to be the title of a book released on his life in 2013.